Pioneer Park Bank Revetment

Pioneer Park executed a bank revetment project in 2019 below the Park on the North West section of our bank.

This was a joint venture with the Municipality of Bluewater(Bayfield Terrace) and the Webb Family, in an effort to stabilize our section of the bank.

Vandriel Excavating Inc., from Clinton, Ontario., was awarded the contract for this project.  The project involved the placement of armour stone at the toe of the bank to increase shoreline protection.  Behind the newly installed armour stone, on the east side, clear stone backfill was placed to the height of the armour stone.  The placement of an approved, graded backfill with then took place. The goal was to achieve a 2.5 to 1 slope which will stabilize the bank slope from further erosion.   The final phase of the project involved applying hydromulch that adhered to the bank surface providing vegetation that further reduced and prevented erosion.

The project progressed on schedule and was completed May, 2019.

-Pioneer Park Bank Revetment Team