Pioneer Park is a registered charity and is able to issue a receipt for tax purposes.

The Pioneer Park Association encourages you to contact and rely on Financial, Insurance and Legal advice to find the best fit for your wishes.

There are several ways you may donate to the Pioneer Park Association:

1. Interac e-transfer.
Interac e-Transfer is a secure, simple and convenient way to send a donation to Pioneer Park from your bank account to ours.

Please access your financial institution via mobile or online banking.  Please use this email address to send your donation:

In the “note” field of your transaction, please indicate the address to which we may send your charitable tax donation receipt and thank you. All donations are placed in our general operating fund for park maintenance and improvements.

2. Online Credit Card Payments.

We are set up to have Canada Helps process any incoming credit card donations if people so desire. If you wish to donate using your credit card, please donate via Canada Helps. Through this platform, you will automatically receive a tax receipt. You have options of a one-time donation, scheduled donations, and/or memorial donations.

3. Donations may be mailed to: Pioneer Park Association – Box 2115, Bayfield, ON. N0M 1G0

4. Workplace donations via payroll deductions through the United Way Agency.
Our Canadian Charitable Number (BN#) is: 119094126RR0001

5. Donations of Estate:
Please remember the Pioneer Park Association in your estate

Planning. This may be accomplished in a number of ways…the most common methods are listed below for your consideration:

    1. i)  Direct Donation:
      Occurs when you make an estate donation to a charitable organization outright. This does not activate capital gains Tax and results in a charitable tax deduction.
    2. ii)  Bequest:
      A bequest is not an immediate donation. This occurs when a charitable organization is identified as a beneficiary in the Donor’s Will upon his/her death.
    3. iii)  Specific Bequest:
      A specified dollar amount, or a specific item of property, that is left to a named beneficiary. Example:
      I bequest to the Pioneer Park Association, the sum of
      $ ___________ to be used for a purpose(s) approved by the Board of Directors of the Pioneer Park Association unless otherwise agreed upon.
    4. iv)  Residual Bequest:
      A percentage or share of the remainder of your estate after other gifts and liabilities have been paid out. Example:
      I bequest to The Pioneer Park Association ________% of the Remainder of my estate.
    5. v)  Contingent Bequest:
      A percentage or share of your estate paid only in the event that other named beneficiaries have predeceased you. Example: If my husband (name) does not survive me, I give _______ % of my estate to the Pioneer Park Association.
    6. vi)  Donations of RRSP or RRIF:
      Can be made by a bequest in your will leaving the Pioneer Park Association as the recipient.

6. Donations of Life Insurance:

      1. i)  The donor purchases policy from their insurer and designates Pioneer Park as the beneficiary to the policy.
        The donor retains ownership of the policy during lifetime. The donor retains access to the cash value within the Permanent life insurance policy during their lifetime (should it be needed). Upon the death of the policy owner, The Pioneer Park Association, as beneficiary, receives the proceeds of the policy. The death benefit is received tax free by the PPA. The association, in year of death, issues a charitable tax receipt. The policy proceeds will count as a charitable donation on your final tax return. No tax receipts will be issued for premiums paid during your lifetime. The insurance proceeds would not be part of the Donor’s estate so no probate fees would apply.
      2.  ii)  Gift of Life Insurance owned by the Pioneer Park Association: A new life insurance policy is taken out by an individual naming their estate as beneficiary. Once the insurance has been issued, the insured transfers ownership to the PPA. Pioneer Park then changes the beneficiary from the estate to itself. The individual pays the premiums, and the association will issue a donation receipt each year for the annual premium paid. Upon the death of the individual, the proceeds are paid tax free to the Pioneer Park Association. There will be no donation receipt paid to the estate for the insurance proceeds as this is not considered a charitable gift.