Pioneer Park is a privately owned park located on a bluff overlooking Lake Huron in   the beautiful Village of Bayfield. Pioneer Park is maintained for the benefit of the Public by the Pioneer Park Association.

Best known for its breathtaking sunset views, Pioneer Park is a favourite destination for residents and visitors seeking tranquility and relaxation in a natural setting.

The Pioneer Park Association is a nonprofit organization and a registered charity. Donations are gratefully accepted to operate the park.

Please Know:

  • BBQ’s (gas or charcoal) or open fires are NOT permitted in Pioneer Park

  • There are no public washrooms in Pioneer Park. Public washrooms are located on Main St. at the Bayfield Public Library.

  • Pioneer Park is not a campsite. No overnight camping permitted.

Pioneer Park Beach Access Staircase

The stairs with beach access are open!

A bronze plaque, honoring the Thompson family for their donation of land to the PPA

In the Spring of 2022, under the direction of Bud Robinson, a committee of Pioneer Park Association members has been at work on the new addition of parkland generously donated to the PPA by the Thompson family.

A bronze plaque, honoring the Thompson family for their donation of land to the PPA,  has been placed on a boulder near the park entrance at Main St.

Split rail fence
Volunteers have built a split rail fence defining the property line and planted cedar trees to provide privacy for our new neighbours.
Metal fence
A meandering path has been cut through the meadow so that visitors can wander from Main St., where the stone pillars have been restored, to the Tuyll St. culvert which provides access to the new park. Five (5) park benches have been strategically placed throughout the park to provide seating for visitors.

Our Goals

The mission and purpose of the Pioneer Park Association is to promote the health and enjoyment of the people of  the said Village of Bayfield and vicinity, through owning, preserving, improving and managing a park or parks open to the public without charge and to undertake other projects for the welfare of the community.

Thank you to the wonderful volunteers and members for making our Park such a beautiful place to visit and our events such a success!